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Photographer Tanara Stuermer developed this work with the aim of exploring relational interferences, such as prejudices, fears, concerns, doubts and all kinds of barriers that draw the bonds between people and the places where they live. Concerned about the environment, she used plastic to sustain this reflection, which is omnipresent in our lives. It blocks the sun, rain, wind, protects food, serves as a barrier between people and had a strong presence in the pandemic world. It can be transparent, almost invisible, it is devoid of taste and smell and it is also impossible to ignore. These photographs show that this plastic artificial interference manifests a desire for distance, preventing human touch, but without losing sight of what is on the other side. She produced images that approach the abstract and that show a dynamic between the background and the foreground, extinguishing the hierarchy between both, bringing everything mixed up to the surface, in an attempt to draw a visual presage of how our lives will be if we do not transpose the need to use plastic. This series was selected for the 2023 Paranapiacaba Photography Festival and was produced in Paris and Rio de Janeiro.

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